Where Did We Go?


While working on my master’s project on Southern Hip-Hop and social justice I was introduced to the idea that ALL Hip-Hop has southern roots.

Pioneers of the genre were either migrants or children of migrants from the south to the north making them originally southerners.

I also became very fascinated with the 80% black Jackson, MS and it’s black sister to the north Memphis, who’s cousin St. Louis and Aunt Chicago seemed to all be on the same route.

It was amazing to me how these cities shared similar identities, foods, accents, customs and HWY 55. After connected all the dots that I only briefly heard about in social studies I read a book that would pique my interest even more – The Warmth of Other Suns.

This site is a collection from archives and interviews of migrants and children of migrants. It’s a history of what life looked like for Black people when they left Jim Crow South.